4 Top Trends for Kids Fashion in 2013

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Fashion for fashionable people doesn’t stop when they become mothers. In fact, parenthood gives you something new to try, a change from your usual clothes and a wardrobe makeover. You get new clothes for yourself that you can wear to look and feel like an adult and also, for the change in size to not bother you so much. There are many changes that would take place in your life and this is the least of your worries.

Like everything, babies are untouched by fashion as well. For mothers you are fashion divas, it is important to them that their babies look great as they see the world in their trendy clothes. While there is a lot of talk about mother fashion, baby fashion usually takes a backseat and most mothers don’t like that. Thus, the following list enumerates the top 5 baby fashion trends that you should look out for –

  1. Go Organic – Organic clothing is trending because of many reasons and most of them are that mothers are getting environment conscious. Also, organic clothing is easier on the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Many children develop rashes and skin irritation when they wear synthetic and non-natural fabrics. This could be the perfect solution. Also, if you can afford it, then why not?

Don’t confuse organic with restricting the use of plastic package and hangers that the clothes come in. Organic clothing means the one that Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies to be organic.

  1. Subtle Prints – Babies need to look bright and happy which is why prints are a must for them. However, if you are one of those people who love solids and just can’t have enough of them then it could be a problem too. Worry not because here is a solution, subtle prints or non-solid solids.

These baby garments look like solids from afar but as you get closer, you see the detailing and the subtlety of the prints that looks very elegant and delicate.

  1. Baby Classic And Subtle Colors – Yes, the classic colors for babies are the pinks and blues but you can mix them with cool greys for a perfect look. This look would add a sophisticated touch to the attire and also make the style stand out from the boring same old fashion for babies.

Classics are great but you have to be innovative, think out of the box, get rocker baby clothes for girls and make your angel look different and amazing.

  1. Ruffles – This means just a touch of ruffles and nothing more. Be subtle about it and don’t keep it near the face or it might irritate the child. Use it inconspicuously like at the edge of the baby’s dress or under it.

You can also get the real size tiny clothes that are custom made for babies. But remember that they grow very fast and the clothes might be redundant soon. Still, they are something to keep for nostalgia’s sake.

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