Jenner Sisters: The Upcoming Models of America

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Both Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are growing up to be like their elder sister Kim Kardashian, who is known to be the best of the Kardashian sister trio. We often see Kylie wearing Kim’s shoes and clothes. It is also known that Kendall gets all her styling tips from Kim. We are so glad that Kim is being such a great elder sister to them, and providing them with the right nurturing that they require.

Kendall was only 13 years old when she made her first TV appearance in 2007, since then she has come a long way. The same can be said about Kylie too. They make such an adorable couple together.

The beautiful dress on Kylie at the Red Runway has earned her rave reviews. Kendall, she looks amazing too in her red dress at the same event. No-one could take their eyes of them, since the moment they stepped on the runway. What is with these two little birds? How are they so good at what they do?  Also, they can give any super-model a run for their money and job. So watch out big girls, these too will give you very tough competition in the near future.


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