Lapel pins for business promotion

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When the holidays have come and gone, they may leave a lot of people with smiles on their faces. There are some people that are just not happy once the holidays have gone. The holidays have that unique ability to make people feel great, but when the holidays are all said and done, there are some of us who feel a little blue.

If you own a business, then you might be one of the people that have been left feeling blue. Most businesses tend to slow down quite a bit during the month of January. Unless your business is selling snow shovels, then you may know exactly what I am talking about. Most businesses don’t look forward to the beginning of the year. They are scrambling to try and make the most out of what little bit of business they get. There are plenty of things that a business can do to improve their sales during these known after holiday sales slumps. Sometimes it just takes a little extra push to get the customers to start making purchases again, and sometimes it just takes a little bit of reminding too. So how can a business manage to solve both of these problems at the same time?

Bribing Your Customers

When you first look at this statement, you may be saying to yourself, “That does not sound like an ethical way to run a business.” The fact is, there is nothing unethical about trying to bribe your customers. There are thousands of well known businesses that do this sort of thing every single day. They just don’t label it as a bribe. They may label it something like customer incentives, rewards or something similar. There are all sorts of great little things that you can do to make your customers a little bit happier.

One great way that you can inspire your customers to make a purchase is with something as simple as lapel pins. Hand them out to your customers as a gift. You can offer a certain percentage of a purchase to your customers who wear their lapel pins gifts back to your place of business. Not only are you making your customers happy by giving them a free gift, but you are also encouraging them to come back for a nice discount. There is one other thing that happens too. When your customers wear the pins, they are advertising for your business. You can’t ask for a better way to get free advertising. This is the simplest reason why most companies will offer these types of promotional materials to their customers.

You don’t have to use pins for your business. This is just a good example of how you can get a customer’s interest. Put some thought into the idea, and see what you come up with. You may even find some better ways to get your customers coming back for even more. Just take a look around you. There are plenty of other businesses that are also doing the same thing. Use their ideas to help your business. There is nothing wrong with adopting an idea. You may even be able to make it work a little bit better.

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